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3 Days 4US 4 Eternity

The Called

Who are The300? You! We want people who want to WORK HARD, HAVE FUN, and SAVE LIVES on perhaps the most rewarding, impactful, mission trip of your life.

Ages 12* – Adult. Men’s & women’s groups, youth & school groups, families & brave individuals, make up this elite group of 300 volunteers who will serve 3 Days, 4US, 4 Eternity. Keep reading to learn more about what makes this mission trip hard, fun, and impactful.

*Kids ages 7-11 can serve, too! Children & siblings of The300 can join The Light Brigade and perform age appropriate duties (like testing our bouncy houses, filling our Guinness world record pools, assist our Kidcare Team, etc).

The Commitment

TIME  You will camp at Ft. Steilacoom Park, Washington for 3 days* from AUG 3RD – 5TH to support the Rally Round 4 UltraSound events.

*Advance & LifeLine Teams will serve 4 days, AUG 2-5.

TALENT  You will be assigned to one of 26 skill squads, working hard alongside other heroes with faith, fun, & fellowship, to execute the world’s most complex, family-friendly, pro-life fundraiser — The Rally Round 4 UltraSound.

TREASURE  The300 will each raise $300. This money will provide for lodging, meals, uniforms, and most importantly, underwrite the cost of the Rally Round 4 UltraSound.

The Cause

100% of funds raised at the Rally Round 4 UltraSound events will provide ultrasound machines and training to centers that provide free services to pregnant women.

WHY? Upon seeing her baby on an ultrasound in one of our beneficiary centers, 96% of women choose life.

The300 Testimony: In their own words…

“It lifted my spirits so high and gave me hope and fortitude to defend life. This is the best organization that I have been a part of.”   16 Year Old Boy

“This year, it was truly about family. Working together with my extended family is an opportunity that we just don’t have much. It was incredible to watch them catch the vision…I love watching my kids grow and learn to serve with 4US.”   Wife & Mother of 4

“I’ve opened up more. I realized that one person can do so much. I feel like I’m actually MAKING A DIFFERENCE. I feel like the pro-life movement should take over the world.”  18 Year Old Woman

“The300 mission provides an opportunity to put my faith into action..immersing youth in a work-intensive pro-life environment [alongside] adults and families to build and host a fun fundraiser that effectively reduces the number of aborted babies. WOW.”   Youth Minister

Need more inspiration? Download their one page story here.

Register for The300

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If you're a Youth Pastor, Students for Life leader, Adult Group Leader, or interested in leading/bringing a larger group, let us know and we'll be in touch!


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