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Featured, The Why, | December 2nd, 2016

Ultrasound : A Better Way

The tangible life.

Some say life begins at fertilization. Others mark the time by trimesters. Many believe it begins when the fetus becomes viable, or even at birth.

This debate is circuitous, and ultimately subjective when taking into account the metaphysical in addition to the biological.

We believe we’ve found a different way of looking at it.

What if it was about the tangible decision to choose life?

Supporters of the pro-choice movement place a lot of importance on making fully informed decisions.

We agree.

Which is why we’ve dedicated ourselves to providing pregnant woman access to ultrasounds at pregnancy resource centers throughout the country. We understand that women find themselves overwhelmed with motherhood. Having a child is expensive, time-consuming, and can be terrifying, particularly for single and/or young mothers. And sometimes fear can be so overwhelming that we make decisions we later regret. At the centers we support, these women are embraced with no judgement, rather love, and the promise of on-going support.

Love can also overwhelming. Having the support of those who work at the center combined with seeing your child, hearing his or her heartbeat, putting a face on your pregnancy, is important. It is giving the mother the chance to truly see her child. To know the full facts of the life she is carrying. This is not just about the baby, but the mother. We want her to know all of her options and that she will be supported. Then, and only then, can she make a fully informed decision.

We’re not here to be political. We’re not here to tell women how to live their lives. We’re here to help educate women through the gift of ultrasound. We’re here to offer women a hope for a future with support.