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Category Two, | November 28th, 2016

Why Ultrasound?

Why ultrasound machines?

We want to approach our mission with love and here at 4US, our mission is to “reduce the number of abortions by choice.” There are times in our current culture this ever important work is approached with fear, scare tactics and judgement. We chose ultrasound machines as our way to bring this mission to fruition due to the research showing their effectiveness. A powerful way to allow women to understand the full extent of their pregnancy, the child within.

We consider carefully which women’s health centers receive our ultrasound machines. It is vitally important to us the centers we work with do not use bullying tactics or judgement and that they provide ongoing support to the women they serve. The life of the women carrying a child is just as valuable as the one in her womb and her care is also of utmost importance to us.

We believe every woman should make a fully informed choice for herself and her baby. Our role is simply to illuminate hope for women whom are struggling to make one of the biggest decisions of their life. The gift of ultrasound and it’s results cannot be argued with.

Upon seeing her baby on an ultrasound, 96% of women in our beneficiary centers chose life for their baby.

The reality of that number…is beyond numbers…it is life. It is tiny fingers and toes, a beating heart, a life that will have the chance to live.

With each machine equal to 1000 choices for life, their cost pales in comparison to the legacy of the lives that will be lived. In a simpler view, a picture is worth a thousand lives.