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About Us

4US (For UltraSound) is an all-volunteer charity based in the Pacific Northwest. We help make abortions rare by choice by equipping pregnancy resource centers (PRCs) with the life-saving power of ultrasound. Transcending political rhetoric, we empower people to DO SOMETHING about abortion by becoming champions for life within their communities.


The Story

“What are you doing about abortion?” 

That was the question put to Diego and Kim Wendt by a colleague while on an overseas military deployment. Unsatisfied with their own responses to the issue, they founded 4US (For UltraSound) in October 2004, as an all-volunteer charity, committed to “doing something” about abortion in a way that transcends politics, delivers tangible results, and celebrates life in a family-friendly way.

Our inaugural fundraising event was a modestly successful bike ride in Tacoma, WA in June 2005 (Ride4US). In the years since, the 4US fundraising event expanded to include runs, walks, family fun festivals, concerts and a motorcycle rally. In 2012, we grew our movement efforts by starting a nascent group of elite event volunteers called The300 who underwrite, host, and execute the Rally Round 4 UltraSound (now called the 4US Fun Fest); 5 family-friendly events, spanning 2 days with 1 mission — to illuminate hope for pregnant women.

Fast forward to today, with 40 dedicated volunteers and hundreds of committed donors, we’ve delivered 44 ultrasound machines to pregnancy resource centers throughout the northwest, New York, and even Ireland. Each one of those machines will result in 1,000 decisions for life.

Our vision is to place a machine in every pregnancy resource center that needs one. With your partnership and support, our founding vision will become a tangible reality that will echo into eternity…