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illuminate hope for pregnant women in crisis to make abortions rare by choice.


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Our Mission

Our mission is to illuminate hope for pregnant women in crisis to make abortions rare by choice.

Upon seeing her baby’s image and assured of lasting support in one of our beneficiary centers, 96% of women will choose life for their child.

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We donate new ultrasound machines (and training) to centers that provide entirely free services to women.

“Our centers eliminate fear.
Our machines illuminate hope.”

On average, every new ultrasound machine in one of our centers will result in 1,000 choices for life.

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Where does the

Money go?

We’re all-volunteer. Why? So 100% of your donation goes to the purchase of ultrasound machines and training.

Since 2005, we have delivered 44 ultrasound machines, provided training, and support to pregnancy resource centers throughout the United States. Those machines will result in over 44,000 choices for life.

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Our desire is to grow a movement that transcends politics by encouraging people to get involved and become champions for pregnant women in crisis.


Whether it’s a weekend festival, a 3-day mission trip, or an online fundraising campaign, there are a multitude of ways you can be a champion for unborn babies & their mothers, by equipping centers across the nation with the life saving power of ultrasound. Find the right fit for you, join us, get involved, and do something about abortion.

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96% of women in our beneficiary centers will CHOOSE LIFE

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Every $25 donation saves a life. How many will you save today?

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Time, talent, or treasure; learn all the ways you can give.

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Wherever you are, whatever your age, there is a way for you to help.

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